Here is some information to help you plan your trip. And make sure you bring sunscreen and bug repellent!

What is the Price?

This summer we're asking for $775 USD a week (a week is Saturday afternoon at 4pm- the following Saturday 9am).  
Our goal is to always keep the price low, so we can keep sharing the house with our friends!

How do I get the keys?

The key to the house is in the combination key holder on the front door of the house. I'll send to the combination before your trip! Please lock the doors when you're not home, and when you leave on Saturday please make sure that the doors are locked and the first floor windows are all closed and locked.

How do I get there?

Anyone going to Canada (including children) needs a Passport, Passport card, or Nexus card. Nexus cards are free for children under 18! ( https://www.cbp.gov/travel/trusted-traveler-programs/nexus )

Getting to the house takes about 10 hours from Portland, Maine, and about 12 hours from Southern NH (this includes a couple bathroom stops).

As soon as you cross the border into Canada, turn your clocks ahead an hour! Atlantic time is one hour ahead of our Eastern Time zone.

What do I bring for money?

Make sure you call your bank/credit card before you leave and let them know if you'll be using your card in Canada. Most companies will freeze your card if you haven't called ahead. It doesn't hurt to change some money ahead of time at your own bank if they don't charge a fee - I've found that many credit and debit cards charge an exchange fee on top of your purchase for each Canadian purchase. Not a bad idea to look into yours ahead of time and make sure.

Can I use my cell phone?

There is no landline at the Homestead, and your American cell phone will work for emergency calls. For other calls, check with your cell provider before you leave to see their rates. AT&T has a Canada/Mexico plan that you can activate only for your trip which lets you make and receive calls and texts from Canada at a very reasonable price. Data is very expensive in Canada (even for Canadians!). Because of this, most public places (almost all stores!) offer free guest wifi. Just make sure you check your phone when you cross the border if you don't want to pay for roaming data!

Should I bring Food?

There is a small grocery store about 8 minutes from the Homestead in Morell (https://www.facebook.com/morellcoop/) and some large grocery stores in Charlottetown, as well as all kinds of good restaurants on the Island. I often bring up a cooler and some bags of groceries since food is much cheaper in the US - just remember that you can't bring fruits/vegetables/plants across the border.
The kitchen is outfitted with a large refrigerator, small stove/oven, microwave, and all the pots and pans and utensils and plates you should need. We've cooked big family meals there with no trouble. There is no dishwasher though, so if you do not want to do dishes for your whole vacation, you may want to bring up some paper/plastic plates, utensils, and cups.
A dishwasher is on the top of the list of things to add as we look ahead at improvements to the house!
You'll notice a few patches of rhubarb and an herb garden outside - help yourself!

Can I do Laundry there?

There is a washing machine in the kitchen that you are welcome to use. As long as the weather is nice, you can hang laundry on the clothesline outside and it dries very quickly. Please bring a little laundry detergent it you plan to use the washer.

How many people can the house accommodate?

The house sleeps 8-10 comfortably.  We ask that you do not have more than 10 in your group.  

The house has two bathrooms, both of which will have handsoap/towels/washcloths/toilet paper/papertowels. You will not need to bring those items with you. The hot water tank is not huge, so showers should be relatively quick and spaced out, unless you like a cool shower.
You will need to bring your own beach towels though, if you plan to use some.

The house has four bedrooms:
Bedroom 1 - first floor, 1 queen bed
Bedroom 2 - second floor, 1 full bed
Bedroom 3 - second floor, 1 full bed
Bedroom 4 - second floor, 1 full bed, 1 twin bed

All beds will have sheets and blankets, and extra blankets are packed in bins in each room.

Should the evenings get chilly, there is a thermostat on the wall in the downstairs hall. Feel free to turn on the heat! There is also a gas fireplace/stove in the living room that is turned on by flipping the switch on the back right side.

Can I bring a pet?

Pets are welcome and encouraged! Especially if they're good mousers! Like most homes on the Island, we have a few mice that we're trying to evict. Because of this, I've put mouse poison in the corners of the rooms (8 places in the house). It is enclosed in a plastic holder and not accessible to animals larger than mice, but if you have curious/chewing dogs, please be aware of this and keep an eye on them. And feel free to gather the plastic mouse-poison holders and put them away for the duration of your stay if you bring pets.

Does the house have Internet Access?


What can I do while I'm there?

Two websites that have a lot of great and useful info:

You should be able to find information on everything the island has to offer on these two sites - beaches, museums, shopping, golf, local festivals, music, restaurants, and (of course) Anne of Green Gables

Here are a few of the things we particularly like.

Outdoor Activities

The Confederation trail, a biking/walking trail is at the foot of the driveway. Bring a bike! :

Kayak Rental is available right at the visitor center in Morell: http://kingfisheroutdoors.com/

If you're a knitter/spinner
You HAVE to get to the Belfast mini-mills: http://www.minimills.net/

There are also a number of other awesome fiber destinations on the Island:

MacAusland's Woolen mills: http://www.macauslandswoollenmills.com/

Julie's Yarn Shoppe: http://juliesyarnshoppe.weebly.com/

Green Gable Alpacas: http://www.greengablealpacas.com/

Supposedly PEI has the highest concentration of lighthouses in any province or state in North America! http://peilighthousesociety.ca/index.php and the lighthouse/beaches at Cape Bear are particularly fun: http://www.peisland.com/visit/capebear/cpbear.html


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