2019 Availability Calendar

The house will be open for the 2019 season from May 25 through October 5th. Weeks are 7 nights each and run from Saturday at 4 pm until 9 am the following Saturday.  Here's the current availability for the 2019 season - green weeks are available and red are booked.  Send us a message to book!
Here is some information to help you plan your trip. And make sure you bring sunscreen and bug repellent!

What is the Price?
This summer we're asking for $775 USD a week (a week is Saturday afternoon at 4pm- the following Saturday 9am).   Our goal is to always keep the price low, so we can keep sharing the house with our friends!
How do I get the keys?
The key to the house is in the combination key holder on the front door of the house. I'll send to the combination before your trip! Please lock the doors when you're not home, and when you leave on Saturday please make sure that the doors are locked and the first floor windows are all closed and locked. How do I get there?
Anyone going to Canada (including children) needs a Passport, Passport card, or Nexus card. Nexus cards are free for children under 18! ( )
Getting to the house takes about 10 hours from Portland, Maine, and about 12 hours from Southern NH (th…